about us

Our Vision

We want to not only cover every curvy and scenic mile of the Open Road possible, but do it in a way that takes us all on the excursion of a life time.  The key here is we are as excited for every single excursion as you are, we plan them because it's our bucket list too. We love what we do, and we look forward to sharing that passion with everyone that joins us on these Excursions.

Our Story

In 2013 a small group of friends wanted to create a way to share the cruises they planned for their Car Club with the local community. One of them decided to roll the dice and start what is now Blacktop Excursions, the rest is history...


We use the term "Masterminds" loosely, we are just a group of like minded automotive enthusiasts that want to share our dreams of exploring the open road with the masses.

eli pupavatz

Eli Pupavatz

Chief Cat Herding Officer


Travis Brown

Grand Poobah of the Tube of You's & Cat Herder of Saturday's


Alan B Antill Jr

Autocrat of Back End Logistics & Traffic Control

joe stevens

Joe Stevens

Media of the Socialites King


John Coimbra

Emperor of Extroverted Communications & Security

Steve Lyons

Steve Lyons

Czar of Long Distance Transmissions  & Photography


Steve Baucom

General Motors Tycoon & Recovery Engineering

victor primm

Victor Primm

Overlord of Mini Cooper Things & Law Enforcement Relations

Join Us...

We have excursions planned for every month, making for plenty of opportunities to get out and hit the open road. Don't wait, check out our Facebook Events Calendar to RSVP for your next Excursion!